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Will Rasmea Odeh Go to Prison Because of a Confession Obtained Through Torture?
Rasmea Odeh was one month old when her family fled from their home in Lifta, a village outside Jerusalem. By February 1948, the Zionist army had destroyed Lifta and expelled its residents as part of its strategy to take control of Jerusalem. Odeh grew up as a refugee in Ramallah in the West Bank, which she saw come under occupation by the Israeli army in 1967.
When she was 21, in 1969, Odeh was arrested in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers at her home, and for twenty-five days her interrogators tortured her.
Militants reportedly claim capture of Israeli-Canadian woman
Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of an Israeli-Canadian woman who joined Kurdish forces  battling the Isamic State in Syria, with reports saying she may have been captured by the terror group. 

The governments of Canada and Israel were trying to obtain further information about the whereabouts of former Israeli soldier Gill Rosenberg, official statements from both said. According to the U.S.-based intelligence group SITE, a message on a known militant Internet forum claimed Islamic State had captured a “female Zionist soldier” in Kobane, Syria.

Militants reportedly debated online whether to trade the captive for female Muslim prisoners or execute her, but Kurdish sources dismissed the report as spurious propaganda.

Speculation swirled through Israeli media that Rosenberg was the woman being discussed.

However, according to a post on her Facebook page Monday, she is safe some 185 miles from Kobane and without Internet access. Two weeks ago, Rosenberg thanked friends for birthday wishes and wrote that someone else would be managing her page for several weeks. She is believed to be in training.

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