H-Minerva Weekly News Roundup

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Families torn apart as Western girls join Islamist cause

PARIS (Reuters) - Foad, a French truck driver of Moroccan origin, traveled alone through Syria to rescue his 15-year-old sister from an Islamist group she said was holding her captive. But when they finally stood face to face, in tears, she would not leave.


British girls aged 15 and 17 run off to join ISIS after being radicalised online

EXCERPT: Yusra Hussien’s heartbroken family have begged the runaway schoolgirl to come home amid fears she was poised to join Islamic State fighters in Syria.

The 15-year-old is believed to have fled Britain for Turkey with another missing girl aged 17 after being ­radicalised on the internet.


No Frontline Deployment for Female Kurdish Troops

DOHUK, Kurdistan Region,Kurdish-- women who enlisted in the military to fight the Islamic State (IS) have found they are not welcome on the frontlines.