US Army War College Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) Call for Papers

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Call for Papers
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Public Policy, Political Science, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Military History, Government and Public Service

Call For Papers

2018 Peace and Stability Operations Training and Education Workshop (PSOTEW)


The Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) promotes the collaborative development and integration of Peace and Stability capabilities across the U.S. government and the international community in order to enable the success of future Peace and Stability activities and missions.  To support this mission, PKSOI is seeking PhD level scholarship on issues surrounding peace and stability operations to inform agenda development for the 2018 Peace and Stability Operations Training and Education Workshop (PSOTEW), scheduled for 18-20 April 2018 in Maryland.


PKSOI recognizes the importance of drawing upon academic expertise and specialization, and seeks support from the academy to better understand and resource current research and scholarship from across the globe.  Contributions will be reviewed to ascertain relevance to PKSOI issues of interest and areas of potential future research and collaboration.  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

▪ Peacekeeping and Stability Operations                                   ▪ Protection of Civilians

▪ Women, Peace and Security                                                    ▪ Mass Atrocity/Genocide/Democide Warning

▪ Security Cooperation & Security Sector Reform                     ▪ Military Contributions to Peace Support

▪ Conflict Assessment Models                                                    ▪ Whole of Government Approach to Development

▪ Framework for Appropriately Sized Stability Forces               ▪ Public Order Management Best Practices


Original works will be eligible for inclusion in an edited volume produced by the US Army War College Press addressing PSOTEW themes.  Previously published works bringing innovative research and perspectives to bear are also welcomed to provide insight and guidance to the shaping of the agenda, and may be incorporated into our Stability Operations Lessons Learned Information Management System (SOLLIMS). 


Please submit your contributions to PKSOI Peace Operations Analyst  When submitting your paper, please also include your preferred citation for the work, and whether you give permission for your contribution to be posted to a document repository on SOLLIMS.  Please submit all contributions by 1 October 2017.







PKSOI is DoD’s only Peace and Stability Operations (P&SO) organization and has enabled global operations, gathered lessons, and built relationships for 24 years. PKSOI is the lead for the Army as the Joint Proponent for P&SO.  For the foreseeable future, PKSOI will be the pre-eminent trainers of U.S. forces preparing to conduct multinational peacekeeping operations. PKSOI and it partners will also focus on collecting the key lessons learned over the last Decade of War, ensuring that key peacekeeping capabilities are adequately documented so that they can be rapidly re-generated to respond to U.S. national requirements in the years to come.


Established in 1993 initially as the "Peacekeeping Institute"(PKI), with the challenge of developing a doctrinal base for peacekeeping operations, PKSOI has grown in both size and outreach. Today, PKSOI is a regular partner at the UN in association with the UN DPKO and interacts across many USG agencies, NGOs, and IOs with a peacekeeping/stability operations focus to address both the military and non-military aspects of peacekeeping.  PKSOI has continued to evolve as the US Army's Center of Excellence for Peace and Stability Operations at the strategic and operational levels. In 2013, PKSOI assumed its newly designated role as the Lead Agent for Joint Proponency for Peace and Stability Operations.