Books, Articles and Multi-media on Women and War and Women in the Military- Share your thoughts

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It's the dog days of summer and most of us are already getting ready for the fall semester. What books, articles or multimedia (movies, documentaries, etc.) have your attention as they relate to Women and War and Women in the Military? What issues should we be discussing here? Are there any books or multimedia that you would recommend for a review at H-Minerva?  Please feel free to share your current reading lists with our members. 


Therese M. Strohmer

H-Minerva Editor

Hello everyone,

I'm actually preparing this summer for my comprehensive exams so this discussion came at a great time.

First off, I am working in the fields (and intersections) of gender, disability, and social welfare policy, and my research deals specifically with disabled veterans after World War I.

I'll just mention a few books that caught my attention as I've been working through my exam lists:

Jennifer Mittelstadt's The Rise of the Military Welfare State
This book is really fantastic. It's well researched, concise, and hits so many really important points relating to the tensions of social welfare between military and civilian spheres. It also provides important insight into both how women as military wives pressured the government for better social policies for military families, and what existing policies meant for women in the military spanning from the 1970s into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She ends with a discussion on the privatization of social services in the 90s and 2000s and what it means for both military and civilian spheres. Very good book! Can't stress this enough.

Here are a few other books I've read recently on my various lists that are really great as well relating to women and war:
Julie Anderson's War, Disability and Rehabilitation in Britain
Beth Linker's War's Waste: Rehabilitation in World War I America

I'm hoping to find some more recent books on women in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan relating to their service experience or also to war injury and disability. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


Evan Sullivan
Ph.D. Student
University at Albany, SUNY