Remember the Fallen July

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Submitted by Noonie Fortin

This month please remember these women who died during July while serving our country in or during war times:


Jul 1863:               Frances Day, disguised as SGT Frank Mayne, CIVIL WAR

Jul 1999:              USA CPT Jennifer Odom,

2 Jul 2010:            USA SPC Morganne M McBeth, 19, non-combat murder, IRAQ

2 Jul 2013:            USA SPC Hilda I (Ortiz) Clayton, 22, non-combat mortar explosion,AFGHANISTAN

4 Jul 1944:            WASP Susan Parker Clarke, WW II

4 Jul 2004:            USAR SPC Julie Rochelle Hickey, 20, AFGHANISTAN

5 Jul 1950:            USA ANC MAJ Genevieve Smith, C-47 plane crash on way to her new assignment as Chief Nurse of the 8th US Army in the Korean Theater

5 Jul 2007:            USA SPC Michelle R Ring, 26, IRAQ

6 Jul 2007:            USN ABH2 Karen M Boado Tumbaga, 25, buried in CA

7 Jul 1944:            WASP Paula Ruth Loop, WW II

8 Jul 1944:            WASP Bettie Mae Scott, WW II

8 Jul 1968:            USA ANC 2LT Pamela Dorothy Donovan, 26, VIETNAM

8 Jul 2008:            USA ANC 2LT Holly Wimunc, 24, murdered by estranged US marine husband in Fayetteville, NC murdered, Fayetteville, NC

8 Jul 2012:            USA SPC Erica (Alecksen) Bailey, 21, IED, AFGHANISTAN

8 Jul 2013:            USA CSM Andrea E Powell, 43, vehicle accident in SC

9 Jul 2003:            USA SGT Melissa Valles, 26, non-combat gunshot, IRAQ

10 Jul 1991:                   USAR LT Lorraine Lawton, accident in Saudi Arabia, DESERT STORM

10 Jul 2007:                   USA CPT Maria I Ortiz, 40, IRAQ

11 Jul 2004:         NEARNG SFC Linda Ann Tarango-Griess, 33, IRAQ

13 Jul 2009:                   USN IS2 Amanda J Snell, 20, murdered, JB Myer-Henderson Hall, DC

14 Jul 2005:                   NEARNG SSG Tricia L. Jameson, 34, IRAQ

16 Jul 1943:                   USA WAAC PVT Angela Becker, vehicle accident, Fort Riley, KS

17 Jul 2008:                   USAF T/SGT Jackie L Larsen, 37, natural causes, IRAQ

17 Jul 2011:                   USA SGT Deirdre Aguigui, 24, murdered by soldier husband at FtStewart, GA

17 Jul 2012:                   USA SPC Krystal M Fitts, 26, indirect fire, AFGHANISTAN

18 Jul 1944:                   WASP Beverly Jean Moses, WW II


18 Jul 2016:           USAF 1LT Anais A Tobar, 25, non-combat injury,


19 Jul 2005:                   USA PVT Lavena L. Johnson, 19, non-combat incident gunshot and burned, IRAQ

19 Jul 2015:                   USA CWO3 Tania Dunbar, 40, died at a campground in NC

20 Jul 2006:                   USAF COL Judith (Lombeida) Backlin, 57, auto accident, buried at USAFA

20 Jul 2012:                   USAF Civilian Rebecca (Hernandez Wygal) Wingo, 32, shot & killed inAurora, CO

22 Jul 2004:                   USA SGT Tatjana Reed, 34, IRAQ

23 Jul 1999:                   USA CPT Jennifer (Shafer) Odom, anti-drug mission, Columbia

23 Jul 2011:                   USA SSG Christina Joe, 32, died in vehicle accident near Rehoboth, NM

24 Jul 1944:                   ANC 2LT Catherine Price, C-54 crash during Normandy WWII

24 Jul 1945:                   USA ANC 2LT Nancy J Leo, 23, jeep accident in Paris, buried inLuxembourg American Cemetery

24 Jul 2004:                   USA SGT Erin E Edwards, 24, murdered by soldier husband, Killeen, TX

25 Jul 2008:                   USA SPC Seteria L. Brown, 22, AFGHANISTAN

26 Jul 2006:                   CIVILIAN Donna Marie Kerns, 54, in Jordan but training Iraq police

27 Jul 1943:                   ANC 2LT Ruth Gardiner, C-47 plane crash near Nanek, AK

27 Jul 1944:                   USA PVT Marjory L Babinetz from Bairdford, PA, RA-24 plane crash overStillwater, OK during a recruiting stunt

27 Jul 2013:                   USA SPC Caryn E Nouv, 29, IED and small arms fire, IRAQ

30 Jul 2015:           USAR SGT Blanca Riviera, 29, shot in home by husband, El Paso, TX


You can learn a little more about these women as well as those who died in The Pentagon on 9/11/01 and in the Oklahoma City bombing by going to my webpages honoring them at:


If I have left anyone off--kindly let me know. I am still trying to find exact dates for those who died in earlier wars--those women will be listed each January if I can't find any other dates.


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