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Dear Minerva Subscribers

At the AHA conference last week, I noted during the comment session of one of the panels (Women, Identity, and War in the 20th Century), that H-Minerva was in need of some new energy and a new vision. We do not currently utilize this wonderful resource as a network for engaging in scholarly topics about Women in the Military and Women in War. Although we started a twitter account, it has been relatively inactive since 2015. Even though there have been many new scholarly works to discuss, we have not reviewed a book since 2011. We have not developed a resource for current research or studies.

Yet today, women are more closely connected to war and the military than ever before. Many of you are pursuing exciting new research and meaningful work that relates to our core mission here at Minerva. We'd love to hear from you to understand how to make our network work in a more engaging and viable manner. What lesson plans and courses have you planned and developed for your students? What books are you reading? What journals should we add to our resource list? Are you aware of any bloggers or podcasts that would enrich our understanding of issues about women in the military and war? What are we missing? 

Please feel free to use the comment section here to let us know how you would like to see Minerva engage more fully with its subscribers. Or, just email me directly. 

Additionally, I have included a post February 2, 2016 that encouraged more active participation. 

***About 18 months ago we put out a request for volunteers to help our network grow. There was no response, but we are still in need of volunteers to help manage H-MINERVA and bring new ideas. My hope is that we grow our network and become a better resource for our subscribers. Please consider helping out as an editor or as a volunteer with any of the projects we hope to develop on our network.  If you are interested or want to find out more details, please contact me directly. The following is a repost from September 2014. 

Thank you.

Therese M. Strohmer

H-Minerva Editor


H-MINERVA seeks to build a team of volunteers to work on specific projects for our network.  We are seeking editors for five specific responsibilities

1) Teaching: Create a teaching archive and resource page (3-4)

2) Moderating: Lead discussions on major issues in our field (2-3)

3) Review: Review and book services (2-3)

4) Video/image: Facilitate and help create media exchanges (2-3)

5) Podcast: Create and develop a podcast database (2-3)

Editors will be trained to use the H-Net Commons, our new content management platform. 

The teaching editors could create an annotated archive of syllabi, teaching guides, and reading lists for this field (and subfields as desired); a dynamic link database for one-stop access to primary sources; an annotated archive of images suitable for use in class, on early industrialization. 

Discussion moderators would be responsible for initiating a discussion around a particular topic or theme. Topics could include women in the First Gulf War, WWII, Korean WAR, Issue of Sexual Assault or other areas in which you have expertise. New monthly topics would be ideal.

Review editors will solicit and edit reviews of published works that they select.  They will be trained to use H-Net's online Reviews Management System.  For information about this service, visit

Since Commons allows for a much more comprehensive way for us to connect, we would like to make the best use of  digital media to interact with our subscribers.  For now we have split the editor duties between a media editor and a podcast editor.  Our goal is to develop a rich source of material to enhance our research and knowledge. The podcasts might be developed for specific topics, interviews and other purposes. Eventually, these editor responsibilities might merge. 

Look soon too for our new connections to social media with Twitter and Facebook. 

We would like to find at least three new teaching editors, two moderating editors, three review editors and two each for podcasts and video/image editing.  The larger the team, the easier it is to accommodate the demands of individual schedules and professional obligations.

Qualification: A graduate degree (or equivalent in professional experience) relative to women in the military/women at war.  Publications and teaching experience are a plus. H-Net editors serve for two-year renewable terms and must be certified by the H-Net Council.

The H-Net Commons is a project-based, collaborative platform for publishing discussions, multimedia materials, and blogs through its many field-based networks in the social sciences and humanities.  Its materials are freely available under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. Learn more at

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H-MINERVA is the H-NET Network for scholars of women in the military and women at war. For more information and to apply, please contact:

Therese M. Strohmer

H-Minerva Editor