Remember the Fallen - January

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This month please remember these women who died during January while serving our country in or during war times:


Dates or locations of death are currently unavailable for the following women although I do know they died during the SPANISH AMERICAN WAR 24 Feb 1895-4 Jul 1902:


Army Contract Nurse Lurecia Bailey, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse T.R. Bradford, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Emma Cameron, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Dorothy Cochrane, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Clara Maass, Yellow Fever

Army Contract Nurse Alice Roberts, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Minerva Turnbull, Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Ruebena Walworth (DAR member), Typhoid Fever

Army Contract Nurse Dorthea Phinney, volunteered for experimental treatment program, Malaria


Date or location of death is currently unavailable for the following woman although I do know she died during WWII:


Navy Nurse Julia Antic, died from unknown causes


Exact dates of death are currently unavailable for the following women although I do know what year and/or war period they died during:


1863:           Emily, 19, disguised as a man, killed by mini-ball in her side, CIVIL WAR

1964:                     CIVILIAN Regina “Reggie” Williams, USN, VIETNAM

1971:                     CIVILIAN Betty Gebhardt, CIA, VIETNAM

1982:                     USN LTCDR Barbara Allen Rainey, 34, plane accident in FL


 1 Jan 2011:                   USAR Tamara Henderson, 25, murdered by husband in CA

2 Jan 2004:           USA CPT Kimberly N. Hampton, 27, IRAQ

2 Jan 2006:           USA SPC Bobbie J Gonzales, 23, drowned in Texas attempting to save her brother while home on leave fromIRAQ

3 Jan 1966:           CIVILIAN Marguerite (Higgins) Hall, journalist, VIETNAM

3 Jan 2005:           CIVILIAN Tracy Hushin, 34, USAID, IRAQ

7 Jan 1991:           USA SSG Tatiana Khaghani Dees, DESERT STORM

7 Jan 2006:           AKARNG 1LT Jaime Lynn (Krausse) Campbell, 25, IRAQ

7 Jan 2007:           USAF Sr Airman Elizabeth A Loncki, 23, IRAQ

7 Jan 2009:           CIVILIAN Paula Loyd, 36, AFGHANISTAN, died at BAMC burns

9 Jan 2002:           USMC SGT Jeannette L. Winters, 25, AFGHANISTAN

10 Jan 2006:                  USN ENS Elizabeth Bonn, 23, plane crash in Georgia

10 Jan 2012:          USA SPC Brandy Fonteneaux, 28, murdered at Fort Carson, CO

14 Jan 2004:                  USA SGT Keicia M. (Coleman) Hines, 27, IRAQ

14 Jan 2013:                  USAF SSG Emily E Clayburn, 29, industrial accident, MacDill AFB, FL

16 Jan 2007:                  USN MA1 Jennifer A (Young) Valdivia, 27, non-combat incident, Bahrain

17 Jan 2007:                  CIVILIAN Andrea “Andi” Parhamovich, 28, IRAQ

18 Jan 2006:                  USA SPC Katherine Singleton, 25, suicide, Ft Bragg, NC

18 Jan 2011:                  USN OS2 Dominique Cruz, 26, overboard from USS Halsey, Gulf of Oman

19 Jan 1987:                  USA Brenda C Pott, 21, suicide, Ft Carson

20 Jan 1863:                  CIVILIAN Hannah A Ropes, 54, Typhoid Pneumonia, Washington, DC

20 Jan 2007:                  IAARNG CSM Marilyn L (Van Cannon) Gabbard, 46, IRAQ

21 Jan 2007:                  USA PFC Valerie R Gamboa, 29, murdered in Germany

21 Jan 1944:                  USA WAC PFC Regina Barszcz, disease, Fort Dix, NJ

23 Jan 2015:                  USMC CPT Elizabeth Kealey, 32, helicopter crash in CA

25 Jan 1945:                  USA ANC LT Thelma LaFave, MIA onboard C-46 plane between Pelellu Island and Leyte Island

25 Jan 2005:                  USA PFC Megan E Adelman-Tenney, 19, parachute accident, Ft Benning, GA

25 Jan 2008:                  USA SGT Tracy R Birkman, 41, IRAQ

26 Jan 2007:                  USN LT (jg) Laura J Mankey, West Hills, CA, helicopter crash in Pacific

27 Jan 2015:                  USMC/USAR Kisha Holmes, 35, suicide in Austell, GA

28 Jan 2007:                  USAR SPC Carla J Stewart, 37, IRAQ

29 Jan 2005:                  CIVILIAN Barbara (Geis) Heald, 60, DA, IRAQ

31 Jan 2004:                  USA PFC Holly Jeanne McGeogh, 19, IRAQ


You can learn a little more about these women as well as those who died in The Pentagon on 9/11/01 and in the Oklahoma City bombing by going to my webpages honoring them at:


If I have left anyone off--kindly let me know. I am still trying to find exact dates for those who died in earlier wars--those women will be listed each January if I can't find any other dates.


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