Remember the Fallen - February

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Contribution from Noonie Fortin.

This month please remember these women who died during February while serving our country in or during war times:


1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Ruth Thompson, missionary, VIETNAM

1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Carolyn Griswald, missionary, VIETNAM

1 Feb 1968:           CIVILIAN Ruth Wilting, missionary, VIETNAM

3 Feb 2005:           CIVILIAN Carmen Christina Urdaneta, 32, humanitarian, AFGHANISTAN

3 Feb 2005:           CIVILIAN Cristin “Cristi” Gadue, 26, humanitarian, AFGHANISTAN

3 Feb 2005:           CIVILIAN Amy Lynn (Niebling) Meeks, 29, humanitarian, AFGHANISTAN

4 Feb 1997:           USN AW3 Wendy L Potter, airplane crash, off coast of Israel

5 Feb 2015:          USCG PO2 Lisa Trubnikova, 31, murdered by USCG member, Bourne, MA

6 Feb 2015:          CIVILIAN Kayla Mueller, 26, prisoner since 2013 killed in Raqqa, Syria

7 Feb 1944:           USA ANC LT Marjorie Morrow, WW II

7 Feb 1944:           CIVILIAN ARC Esther Richards, died at Anzio, WW II

7 Feb 1944:           USA ANC 1LT Carrie Sheetz, WW II

7 Feb 1944:           USA ANC LT Blanche Sigman, WW II

7 Feb 2007:           USMC CPT Jennifer Harris, 27, IRAQ

7 Feb 2007:           USMC CPL Jennifer Parcell, 20, IRAQ

9 Feb 1944:           USA ANC LT LaVerne Farquar, WW II

9 Feb 1944:           USA ANC LT Gertrude Spelboug, WW II

9 Feb 1971:           CIVILIAN Lucinda J. Richter, American Red Cross, VIETNAM

9 Feb 2005:           ILARNG SGT Jessica M. Housby, 23, IRAQ

9 Feb 2015:          USAF CPT Jamie Brunette, suicide, Tampa, FL

9 Feb 2015:          USA Amanda Weyrick, 25, drug overdose, San Antonio, TX

10 Feb 2010:        USA PFC Adriana Alvarez, 20, gunshot wound, IRAQ

10 Feb 1945:        USN HA1 Marilyn E Weeks, bacterial infection, Navy Hospital, Seattle, WA

12 Feb 2007:        USN MA2 Laquita (Pate) James, 33, natural causes aboard USS Bataan, AFGHANISTAN

12 Feb 2009:        USN IT3 Caitlin Trask, 21, died of gunshot wound by her former boyfriend in Newport News, VA

12 Feb 2009:        USAF T/SGT Jessica Sweet, 30, leukemia, Walter Reed

14 Feb 2008:        USA SGT Julianna Gehant, 32, murdered in Northern Illinois University

14 Feb 2013:        USA SPC Kimberly Walker, 28, murdered by boyfriend, Colorado Springs, CO

15 Feb 2010:        USAF MG Jeanne Holm, died from double pneumonia

16 Feb 1944:        USA ANC Ellen Ainsworth, 24, WW II

16 Feb 2004:        USAR PFC Nichole M. Frye, 19, IRAQ

16 Feb 2005:        USA SPC Katrina Lani (Johnson) Bell, 32, IRAQ

16 Feb 2014:        USMC GySgt Monica Plank, 34, hit & run driver, OH

17 Feb 2006:        USAF SrAirman Alecia S Good, 23, plane crash near Africa

18 Feb 1944:        WASP Marian Toevs, WW II

18 Feb 1966:        USA ANC 2LT Carol Ann Drazba, 22, VIETNAM

18 Feb 1966:        USA ANC 2LT Elizabeth Ann Jones, 22, VIETNAM

19 Feb 2009:        HIARNG PFC Cwislyn K Walter, 19, non-combat vehicle accident

19 Feb 2010:        USA SGT Winter Plummer, 27, murdered by husband at Ft Lewis, WA

21 Feb 2010:        TNARNG CWO2 Billie J Grinder, 25, helicopter accident, IRAQ

22 Feb 2008:        USA SPC Keisha M Morgan, 25, non-combat overdose, IRAQ

22 Feb 2010:        USA PFC Autumn M Shannon, 32, murdered by mother, Ft Bragg, NC

22 Feb 2012:        CIVILIAN Journalist Marie Colvin, 56, killed in crossfire, Syria

24 Feb 1944:        ANC 2LT Elizabeth J Howren, plane crash near Gela-Vittoria, Sicily

25 Feb 1944:        WASP Trainee Betty Pauline Stine, WW II

25 Feb 1991:        USAR SPC Christine Mayes, 22, barracks building in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, DESERT STORM

25 Feb 1991:        USAR SPC Beverly S Clark, 23, barracks building in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, DESERT STORM

25 Feb 1991:        USAR SPC Adrienne L Mitchell, 20, barracks building in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, DESERT STORM

26 Feb 2007:        MDARNG PVT May Yuen, 22, Basic Training suicide?

27 Feb 1991:        USA SGT Cheryl (LaBeau) O’Brien, 24, DESERT STORM

27 Feb 2007:        CIVILIAN Geraldine Marques, 31, suicide bomber, AFGHANISTAN

28 Feb 1991:        CTARNG SPC Cindy Marie Beaudoin, 19, Kuwait, DESERT STORM

28 Feb 2003:        USAF SSG Shelby Dawn Orelup, 22, murdered at Sheppard AFB, TX

28 Feb 2009:        USMC Carri Leigh Goodwin, 20, suicide due to rape



You can learn a little more about these women as well as those who died in The Pentagon on 9/11/01 and in the Oklahoma City bombing by going to my webpages honoring them at:


If I have left anyone off--kindly let me know. I am still trying to find exact dates for those who died in earlier wars--those women will be listed each January if I can't find any other dates.


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