Beyond Masculinist Ideals of Resistance online workshop, 2-3 June, 18:00 CEST

Masa Mrovlje Discussion


Beyond Masculinist Ideals of Resistance: Exploring the Ambiguities of Women’s Resistance Experience
Online Interdisciplinary Workshop 
2–3 June 2022
University of Vienna
Dominant ideals of resistance are grounded in the masculinist presumption of sovereign, heroic agency, untrammelled by embodied passions, personal attachments, and situational constraints. This understanding misconstrues the experience of women resistance fighters, interpreting women’s inescapable embodiment as a constraint upon proper resistance activity. This workshop aims to rethink resistance beyond the masculinist imaginary by delving into the ambiguities of women’s resistance experience. It explores how women resisters have confronted the moral dilemmas that stem from their context-specific vulnerabilities and how their actions have reframed the repressive understandings of sexual difference. The purpose of this examination is to contest the oppressive implications of hegemonic visions of resistance and challenge the perpetuation of gender hierarchies after the supposedly emancipatory moment of resistance has passed. The workshop fosters an interdisciplinary conversation between scholars working in the fields of social and political theory, gender studies, memory politics, sociology, history, and literature. The contributors explore the ambiguities of women’s resistance experience in a range of historical contexts, from the Algerian war of independence and the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. 
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Thursday, 2 June, 18:00 CEST
Lori Weintrob, “A Woman is Fighting!”: Courage and Heroism in the Holocaust and World War II
Sherine Hafez, Uprising and Gender Resistance: Re-Gendering the Space of Revolution
Discussant: Lina Schmid
Friday, 3 June, 18:00 CEST
Jennet Kirkpatrick and Maša Mrovlje, Resistance Beyond the Masculine: Theorizing the Ambiguous Freedom of Women Resisters with Beauvoir and Lorde
Mimi Mortimer, Inside the Battle of Algiers: Zohra Drif Looks Back on Her War Experience
Pumla Gqola, tbc
Discussants: Kyra Kraus and Johanna Hühn
The workshop is part of the Marie-Curie REWIRE project "Disappointment: Reclaiming the Unfulfilled Promise of Resistance", conducted by Maša Mrovlje at the University of Vienna. It has been sponsored by the Marie-Curie REWIRE COFUND Programme and the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna.