Commemorating the 1964 Wilderness Act through the Built Environment

(excerpted from The Federalist, Winter 2014–15: http://shfg.org/shfg/publications/the-federalist/

On public lands, how do we preserve both the “wilderness character” and the human-built landscape? Federal historians play a key role in finding solutions to this dilemma through their documentary efforts.

Call for Applications: 2017-18 Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants

Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants

Each year, the Friends of the Princeton University Library offer short-term Library Research Grants to promote scholarly use of the Library’s special collections. The award is $1,000 per week (up to four weeks) plus transportation costs.

The Federalist Newsletter Now Available

The fall issue of The Federalist has been mailed to SHFG members.

Contents include:

•  A report on NPS’s March session on Preserving Communities in the 21st century

•  An Interview with NMAH curator Peter Liebhold

•  Air Force history: a look by the historian at 460th Space Wing, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado

•  Newly Declassified Records at the NDC

•  Climate Change Education at Acadia National Park

• Book reviews:

2016 Richard G. Hewlett Lecture:

The Society for History in the Federal Government in conjunction with the History and Public Policy Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars is pleased to present the 37th annual Richard G. Hewlett Lecture, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, founded through the Organic Act on August 25, 1916.

The Hewlett Lecture and Reception will be held at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC, on October 20. The panel will discuss the National Park Service and its history during this year's 100th anniversary of its founding.


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