Call for Applications: 2018-19 Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants

Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants

Each year, the Friends of the Princeton University Library offer short-term Library Research Grants to promote scholarly use of the Library’s special collections. The award is $1,000 per week (up to four weeks) plus transportation costs.

"How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse?"

Hi. I'm publishing a book with Cambridge University Press, and I'd like to obtain images from the 1950 publication, "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse," to use in the book Post-WWII chapter. This pamphlet was published by the National Council on American Education (Allen Zoll). I cannot find it. Does anyone know where these booklets might be located? I've checked all of my university databases without luck. I've also checked with the University of Arkansas' library where Zoll's papers are located.

2018-2019 Lemelson Center Fellowships and Travel Grants (Apps Due: 1 Dec 2017)

Research Opportunities at the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center
Applications Due: 1 December 2017

Through its fellowships and travel grants, the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation supports research projects that present creative approaches to the study of invention and innovation in American society. Projects may include (but are not limited to) historical research and documentation projects resulting in dissertations, publications, exhibitions, educational initiatives, documentary films, or other multimedia products. 

DEADLINE APPROACHING: CFP The Many 14th Amendments

The U.S. Civil War from 1861 to 1865 resulted in a forging of a second constitution that in time transformed the structures of American governance. With the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, the nation recast the relationship between the state and subordinated people. This revolutionary amendment created a national citizenship, set terms for southern states to reenter the union, codified new powers for the federal government, and spurred an enduring struggle for due process and equality under law that continues until today. The Fourteenth Amendment has no single legacy.


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