Interviews in Federal History

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Interviews newly added to the H-FedHist interview page under the “Resources” tab:

Yancy Mailes is the Director of the Air Force Materiel Command History and Museums Program.

He began his professional career in 1987 with the F-117 Stealth Fighter program and became an

USAF historian in 1996. Prior to arriving at AFMC, Mailes served as the Director of the Air Force

Global Strike Command History and Museums Program. During his career he deployed numerous

times, most recently as the historian for the only high-altitude reconnaissance wing operating in

southwest Asia. — Interviewed in Spring 2000


Cynthia C. Kelly is the founder and President of the Atomic Heritage Foundation. Before creating

the Foundation, she served over twenty years as a senior executive with the Department of

Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, receiving the Distinguished Career Service Award for

her time at both agencies. She graduated with a bachelor degree in history from Wellesley College,

earned a master’s degree from Yale University, and taught history before her career with the Federal

government. — Interviewed in Fall 2019

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