Federal History 2022

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Roger R. Trask Lecture
— Arnita Jones
A Clash of Principles: The First Federal Debate over Slavery and Race, 1790
— Paul J. Polgar
From Conspiracy to Policy: James V. Martin, the “Air Trust” Narrative, and the 1926 Air Commerce Act
— Sean Seyer
“Substantive Accomplishments”: Richard Nixon, High School Student Environmentalists, and the
President’s Environmental Merit Awards Program
— Neil Buffett
The Contribution of U.S. Military Advisors in the Dominican Republic to Operation Unified Response,
Haiti Earthquake Relief, 2010
— Bradley Lynn Coleman
An Interview with Kelly J. Shannon
— Alexander Poster
Roundtable: From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy by Sarah B. Snyder
– Introduction by Paul Adler
– Review by Theresa Keeley
– Review by Robert Rakove
– Review by Matthew K. Shannon
– Response by Sarah B. Snyder

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