The Air Force Historical Research Agency

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Reposted from The Federalist 41 (Spring 2014), 10–12

The Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA), a Field Operating Agency of the United States Air Force, is located at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. It operates under the oversight of the Director, Air Force History and Museums Policies and Programs. It serves as the Air Force’s central historical repository, furnishing information throughout the Air Force and to other agencies, institutions, and individuals. It is responsible for collecting, organizing, and disseminating USAF and air power related history; providing research services; compiling and approving organizational lineage, honors, and heraldry actions; and supporting wartime and contingency operations.

 The Air Force Historical Research Agency’s holdings comprise more than 70,000,000 pages representing the world’s largest and most valuable organized collection of documents concerning US military aviation. Approximately 1,000 veterans, scholars, and members of the general public visit the Agency’s reading rooms each year, and over 4,400 documents are available on AFHRA’s public web page. AFHRA employees answer an average of over 7,000 requests for information annually from Air Force personnel, the Department of Defense and other government agencies, Congress, veterans, and individuals from around the world each year. Documents held by AFHRA are microfilmed or digitized, and uncontrolled unclassified copies are available for sale to the public.

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