Blog Instructions


Welcome to the H-Eugenics Blog! We’re excited that you’re interested in writing a blog. Each blog series is based on a theme, with approximately four people each contributing one individual blog.


All blogs will be reviewed by an H-Eugenics editor prior to posting, with one blog posted per week. However, to make sure that each blog is fairly consistent, we have a few basic guidelines that we request everyone follow.

  • Each blog should be approximately 1000 words.
  • While most of our subscribers are in academia and related professions, your blog should be written for a general audience.
  • As this is not an academic article, we’re not expecting many, if any, footnotes. However, if you do need to cite something, include a number for an endnote in brackets at the end of the sentence and add a citation at the end of your blog.
  • We should be able to incorporate a copy of a document, image, picture, or map with your blog. Include a note under each item with the relevant information for proper attribution. Each item can be no larger than 1.5GB. H-Net allows the following file types: psd jpg jpeg gif png txt doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx pdf odt ods odp mp3 mov m4v mp4 mpeg avi wmv ico. Please note: in order for us to include an image, etc. in your blog, one of us (i.e the editors) must first upload each item to the H-Net Design Elements page. Proper attribution information along with a note that the image is part of your blog for H-Eugenics will be included in any file uploaded to the Design Elements page.
  • While our blogs are united by a theme, don’t forget to include a title for your blog. 
  • Finally, at the end of your blog, please include a brief author biography – just a few sentences. Feel free to include a link to a professional web page or publisher’s website.

You can find our past blogs here. Also, you might want to glance through other historical or academic blogs for inspiration. We’re modeling our blog off the one at H-CivWar. You can also find other examples of blogs at Nursing Clio and The Conversation


If you have questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us at



Amy, Caitlin, Corinne, and Sean