Eugenics on the Web - Monthly Announcements – November 2021

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Eugenics on the Web - Monthly Announcements – November 2021




Several academic works were published this month:


An article on pre-conception and pre-natal genetic testing from a catholic perspective


An article on reproductive justice for the haunted Nordic welfare state: An article on women of colour’s reproductive perils reproduced article on reproductive rights and disability rights through an intersectional analysis

An article on sexuality and eugenics in female gymnastics in the mid-twentieth century in Uruguay


An article on the Norwegian Association for Heredity Research and the organized international eugenics movement. article on reforming social genetics article on the intelligence concept and racial classification as sociological products of Western education


An article on race and class and American religion


An article on the origins and development of the gifted-child movement



A book chapter on biopolitics, eugenics, and the new state racism




A book chapter on reactions to voluntary sterilization in 1960s media