Looking for potential manuscript reviewers

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Hello, I am hoping the H-Eugenics community might be able to suggest potential reviewers of a manuscript proposal under consideration at Rutgers University Press.  I had provided RUP with a list of possible names, but given the time demands for this uncompensated work, it has, understandably, been hard for RUP to find takers.
The proposal is to publish for the first time an unpublished manuscript that had been intended by its author, Elizabeth Kite, to function as a follow-up and response to the criticisms leveled against The Kallikak Family. Kite had done most of the research and ghost-wrote several chapters of the notorious eugenic family study, but for reasons I am still determining, never did publish this rejoinder.  The proposal would be to publish her manuscript with contextualized commentary on different elements of the work authored by specialists in eugenics, disability, Native American and African American history, as well as representatives of the descendants of the subjects of the families at the center of Kite's manuscript. (My co-editor and I gained permission from the owner of the manuscript, which is in a private archive of the company that now owns what used to be the Vineland Training School.)
I am hoping that H-Eugenics might be able to recommend some of its members who might have the relevant expertise and interest in serving as reviewers, (or, please, self-recommend!) which I would then pass along to RUP as possible persons to contact. Any thoughts are appreciated and can either be done as replies here, or sent to bruswick@wcupa.edu