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Episode 22 of The Edwin Black Show, "Eugenics in America," is now available to stream. You can find the link to the video on one of our resource pages: https://networks.h-net.org/node/5296/pages/6277409/podcasts-and-videos. You will also find on this page, among other resources, links to all of the episodes from Marius Turda and Patrick Merricks' Eugenics Podcast.

If you know of any resources that might be of use to fellow H-Eugenics members, feel free to e-mail us the information at editorial-eugenics[at]mail.h-net.org.

More importantly, if your work has been featured in an interview, podcast, webinar, et cetera, let us know, and we'll post the relevant information and links to one of our resource pages. Also, if you are going to participate in a future interview, podcast, webinar, et cetera, we would be more than happy to announce any upcoming program.