Calling all bloggers!

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Hi all,


Happy new year!


Our first set of blogs on Eugenics and Dissertations can be found here, and our second set on Eugenics and Teaching will be posted soon.


After posting a call for bloggers in December, we got some great suggestions for future blogs:

  • Religion
  • The influence of personal biography
  • The law
  • Social movements (such as the Progressive era)
  • Eugenics in the American imagination
  • Eugenics as a mechanism to promote ideal bodies

If you’re interested in contributing a blog to any of these themes, or if you have an idea for a blog (we’re going with themes so far, but a set of blogs based on a specific period, event, or country would also be welcome), then feel free to contact us. You can either e-mail the H-Eugenics e-mail account, which my co-editor Caitlin checks frequently, or contact me directly. You can find additional information about what we’re looking for in a blog here.






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