The Eugenics Podcast - Video podcast now on YouTube

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Eugenics scholars Dr. Patrick Merricks (Oxford Brookes University) and Professor Marius Turda (Oxford Brookes University) have recently created a podcast series where they discuss various issues related to the history of eugenics.

You can view the first four episodes of their podcast, entitled “The Eugenics Podcast,” on YouTube:
Episode 1: Galton Falls (UCL and its Eugenic Past) – discusses “UCL's decision to de-name buildings named after the founder of modern eugenics, Francis Galton and its disciple, Karl Pearson.”

Episode 2: Disability and Japan’s Eugenic Protection Law – discusses “new revelations regarding the sterilization of individuals with disability under Japan's Eugenic Protection Law.”

Episode 3: Racism and the Roma Minorities – discusses “the historical roots of anti-Roma racism and its prevalence during the COVID 19 pandemic.”

Episode 4: Christianity, Family and Reproduction – discusses “the historical role played by the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches in shaping current debates about abortion, family size and demografic decline.”