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Episode 22 of The Edwin Black Show, "Eugenics in America," is now available to stream. You can find the link to the video on one of our resource pages: https://networks.h-net.org/node/5296/pages/6277409/podcasts-and-videos. You will also find on this page, among other resources, links to all of the episodes from Marius Turda and Patrick Merricks' Eugenics Podcast.

Re: Teaching Blog #2: Writing Eugenics into a Survey Course: A First-Time Instructor Reflects

Glad to hear you're using the film The Black Stork. If your students are confused by it, you might have them read 3 short encyclopedia entries I wrote that might help:
“Eugenics,” “Haiselden, Harry,” and “Black Stork,” in Encyclopedia of American Disability History, ed. Susan Burch (NY: Facts on File, 2009), pp. 114-15, 333-37, and 418-19..
Of course chapters from my book The Black Stork would be a good follow-up.
Martin Pernick


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