H-Net 25 campaign: please give

If H-Empire and H-Net have contributed to your professional career in any way, please consider giving to the H-Net 25 campaign.

Perhaps you found the job ad for your current position cross-posted to H-Empire from the H-Net Job Guide.

Perhaps you contributed to the H-Empire review program and used your review(s) as evidence in your tenure and promotion portfolio.

Perhaps you published an article or participated in a workshop or conference thanks to a CFP or CFC cross-posted to H-Empire from H-Announce.

ANN: New and Forthcoming Publications

Dear H-Empire members,

Please continue to send me new and forthcoming publications so that I can include them in this recurrent series of posts.

This is a list of new and forthcoming publications of interest to members:


Poonam Bala (ed.), Medicine and Colonial Engagements in India and Sub-Saharan Africa (London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018)


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