CFP: Beyond Colonial Plunder and Postcolonial Restitution: A Legal Pluralist Approach (Cologne, May-June 2023)

Dear Colleagues, 

While collecting in colonial contexts is mostly associated with plunder, genocide or at least structural violence, provenance studies seldom consider the full implications of collecting as a jurispathic or ‘law-killing’ act (Robert Cover, 2007). However, colonial actors erased local laws and norms either by opposing or neglecting them. This was often followed by the codification of shifting normative understandings, the ‘invention of traditions’, and the segregationist ‘tribing’ of African polities.

ANN: William L. Clements Library Research Fellowships

The William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan welcomes applications for 2023-2024 research fellowships. The Clements’ holdings—books, manuscripts, pamphlets, maps, prints and views, newspapers, photographs, ephemera—are among the best in the world on almost any aspect of the American experience from 1492 through 1900, and support a diverse array of research projects.

CFP: 28th Annual James A. Barnes Graduate History Conference at Temple University (Philadelphia, March 2023)

The James A. Barnes Club, Temple University's graduate student history organization, is pleased to announce the 28th Annual Barnes Club Graduate Student History Conference. The event will feature a keynote address from Dr. Marisa J.


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