INQUIRY: Wishes for empire -- prompted by doubts of democracy?

I have a short question for fellow H-Empire subscribers.

Do you know any recent readings that address the current-day nostalgia
or curiosity for empire, which seems to be growing, especially because
of today's widespread disappointments/doubts about democracy?

(I am thinking about how in the EU there is a lot of discussion about a
disconnect between voters and apparatchiks; in the US, an ever more
money-ridden politics corresponds to ever lower voting numbers. --In my
own field of Chinese/Asian studies there is a different kind of

CFP: The changing landscape of the global political economy and foreign aid: has the Cold War ended? (Estonia, July-August 2014)

I would like to draw your attention to the panel I am co-organising at the
conference of the European Association of Social Anthropology, which this

CFP: Reference Cultures and Imagined Empires in Western History: Global Perspectives, 1815‐2000 (Utrecht, June 2014)

Call for papers 'Reference Cultures and Imagined Empires in Western
History: Global Perspectives, 1815‐2000'

Deadline proposal: February 16
The conference will be held from 11‐13 June 2014 at Utrecht University,

Call for Papers
This conference explores the concept of reference culture as a way to
approach the cultural dimensions of territorial and non‐territorial
power. By studying reference cultures we want to draw attention to the
fact that cultures may assume a role as benchmark or model, both

CFP: Violence, Colonialism and Empire in the Modern and Contemporary World (London, June-July 2015)

Call for Papers

Violence, Colonialism and Empire in the Modern and Contemporary World

British Academy, London
29 June-1 July 2015

Sponsored by The Centre for the History of Violence,
and the University of Newcastle, Australia

Guest speakers:
Partha Chatterjee, Columbia University
Elizabeth Kolsky, Villanova University

This conference will bring together scholars from across the world to
explore innovative ways of critically engaging with the question of

CFP: Long Waves and Global Frequencies (Warwick UK, September 2014)


Long Waves and Global Frequencies: World Literature and Broadcast Culture at the End of Empire

A conference hosted by the Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, UK

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September, 2014

Keynote Speakers include:  Professor Alison Donnell (University of Reading), Dr James Procter (Newcastle University), Professor Helen Yitah (University of Ghana)

ANN: ‘Empires in Perspective’ book series with Pickering & Chatto

As the Commissioning Editor for history at Pickering & Chatto Publishers, I am delighted to announce our monograph series ‘Empires in Perspective’ (series editor: Durba Ghosh, Cornell University). You can read more about the series and peruse the list of titles on our website at http://www.pickeringchatto.com/empires


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