TOC: Iranian Studies vol 56, issue 1 (2023): Parsis and Iran special issue

Iranian Studies has published a special issue focusing on relations between Parsis and Iran since the mid-nineteenth century. The articles in this special issue cover five key themes in Parsi relations with Iran: commerce and trade, philanthropy, cultural and textual exchange, travel, and minority identity.

URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/iranian-studies/special-issues/parsis-and-iranians...

ANN: Rethinking the Caste System, Special journal issue, open access

Members of the H-Empire network may be interested in this new open-access special issue of the Onati Socio-Legal Series (Vol. 13 No. 1, 2023) on Rethinking the Caste System

The issue carries six articles as follows: 


Caste studies today: Imaginary victims and perpetrators (Prakash Shah)

Thematic Articles

Evolution of the figure of the Brahmin in early Muslim writings (Dunkin Jalki)


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