CPF: NECBS panel (virtual, October 2021)

Tamala Malerk's picture

Hello all,

my name is Tamala Malerk and I am a PhD candidate of History at the University of South Florida. I am interested in putting together a panel for the Northeast Conference on British Studies (NECBS)  2021 annual meeting virutally on Friday and Saturday, October 22 and 23. My paper is about Madeleine Slade, aka, Mira Behn, an upper-class English woman who abandoned her life in England to aid in Gandhi's work for independence in India, particularly her first five years in India (1925-1930). The panel could encompass several topics: 20th century British Empire, British women working in/with colonial states, women's work in freedom movements, British women in the 20th century, grassroots work in the 20th century etc. If interested, please reach out to my email tmalerk@usf.edu by May 24th (so we can assemble the proposal prior to the June 1st deadline).

Thanks to all who have reached out. We have our panel!