ANN: Heritage from the Margins? Shuri Castle and the Politics of Memory

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Later this week, Kyushu University Border Studies will host an international Workshop examining 'Heritage from the margins? Shuri Castle and the Politics of Memory', in conjunction with IMAP, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Cambridge, the Sainsbury Institute, and the University of East Anglia.

Across two days, a plenary discussion and three roundtable panels explore ongoing memorial contestation over Shuri Castle and its place within regional, national, and global narratives of meaning making.

Featuring Kono Toshiyuki, Simon Kaner, Ellen van Goethem, Ginoza Ayano, Maetakenishi Kazuma, Ra Mason, Sakuma Sayaka, Tomochi Masaki, Justin Aukema, Oleg Benesch, Matsuda Hiroko, Travis Seifman, Eriko Tomizawa-Kay, Gerald Figal, Tze M. Loo, Wendy Matsumura, Chris Nelson, Greg Smits, and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, the Workshop will examine questions of memory, belonging, tradition, and preservation, and consider the significance of transnational heritage regimes for local sites of memory.

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We look forward to speaking with you on Friday and Saturday, take care in the meantime!

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Ran Zwigenberg (Pennsylvania State University)
Victoria Young (University of Cambridge)
Edward Boyle (Kyushu University)