CFP: Soliciting Co-Panelists for "Crime in the Archives" Middle East Studies Association Panel (Monreal, 28-31 October 2021)

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Dear All,

I'm working with a colleague to organize a panel for the 2021 Middle East Studies Association meeting. We're interested in crime (real and imagined) as a lens through which to view disruptions to dominant social, economic, and political orders, including as an opportunity to think about challenges to and tensions within imperial and colonial regimes in the Middle East, Islamic or European. Please see the brief description/call for abstracts below, and please feel free to share with any who might be interested!

-Alex Winder (Brown University)


Crime in the Archives

This panel brings together disciplinary and methodological perspectives on crime in different historical periods and spaces across the Middle East. It understands crime as both a violation of a legal code and as individual or group practices that represent—or are represented as—disruptions to dominant social, economic, or political orders. How do official and unofficial representations of disruptive, “criminal” acts illuminate tensions within and challenges to these established orders? How does the concept of crime and the criminal elicit different perspectives on justice and its relationship with law, state, and community? How does crime—as an object of state interest and public curiosity, but also as a practice (theft, looting, espionage, plagiarism)—contribute to the production of particular kinds of archives? With these and related questions in mind, we solicit papers that may touch upon, but are not limited to, themes of:

  • Crime waves as real or imagined phenomena
  • Crime in film, fiction, and popular culture
  • Crime as a challenge to state or social order
  • State or individual crime and its archival traces
  • Criminal or criminalized communities

Please send abstracts of 400 words maximum to Alex Winder and Emily Drumsta by Monday, February 15.