CFP: "Networks and Practices across Colonial Built Environments (Circa 1892)" Panel for CHAM Conference (Lisbon, July 2021)

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Until  28th February 2021, the call for papers for the V CHAM International Conference on the main theme Frontiers of Humanity and Beyond: Towards new critical understandings of borders is open.

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1892 was a year of administrative reforms throughout the territories of the Portuguese Empire. The reforms which touched all the sectors of public administration tried to impact the practices across the Portuguese empire. After the partition of Africa and British Ultimatum of 1890 the colonial theme was gaining importance in Portuguese society, and space in the public sphere. With Portugal plunged in an immense financial crisis, this was nevertheless a time of building a colonial project by looking at the empire as an all. How did top-down decisions impact the everyday practices of the Empires? How did everyday practices differ from the ones in the metropolis or from other imperial spaces? How did the different colonial European powers concur or compete in every day of empires? These are some of the questions this panel aims to debate. This panel aims to look at transcolonial networks, practices of expertise, hybrid forms of knowledge and practices, to everyday life transformations of the built environment and its routinization across empires and geographies around 1892. It wishes to look into the scope of an entangled world of expertise (politicians, teachers, engineers, doctors, surveyors, etc.) and anonymous people that converged into the construction of a built environment. Furthermore, it also hopes to tackle how these forms of transformation were often contested and negotiated. This panel also welcomes proposals that wish to discuss its methodological choices to an “entangled history” approach or close time frame reforms in different imperial spaces.

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Alice Santiago Faria (Portugal) CHAM - Center for the Humanities, FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

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