CFC: Problems of Anti-Colonialism Book Series

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Call for Publications
December 31, 2021
United States

problems of anti-colonialism


Series Editors: Bruce Gilley and Eric Louw

Call for Proposals


Problems of Anti-Colonialism seeks manuscript submissions from new, emerging, and established scholars with a passionate interest in scholarly analysis and critique of the anti-colonial, post-colonial, and decolonizing intellectual projects that have shaped scholarship on colonialism for half a century. The editors seek both densely-researched books on specific anti-colonial issues as well as broad, thematic works on “rewriting” anti-colonialism, including “rewriting back to the center.” Consistent with the mission statement, we seek proposals from many disciplines.


As per Lexington Books submission guidelines, each submission should include:

  1. The working title of your project.
  2. A short description that succinctly states the argument of the book.
  3. A detailed description of the book and what makes it unique.
  4. A Table of Contents.
  5. A description of your target audience and list of competing books.
  6. A list of courses in which your book might be used as a text or supplementary text.
  7. The length of the manuscript in words, including notes and bibliography.
  8. The names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of four to seven respected scholars in your field with whom you have no personal or professional relationship who could potentially serve as a peer reviewer.
  9. One or two sample chapters (preferred).
  10. Your curriculum vitae
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Keywords: anticolonialism