ANN: "Customary Laws of the Sea & the Legacy of Colonisation" Webinar (11 June 2020, 4-5pm UTC)

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June 11, 2020
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Human Rights, Indigenous Studies, Law and Legal History, Maritime History / Studies

The interplay between law and the customs, fishing practices, and collective rights of Indigenous peoples has shaped and continues to shape national and international approaches to the conservation and sustainable use of the ocean. This Zoom webinar will explore three case studies across Australia, the Pacific Northwest (the US), and South Africa, examining the impacts and legacies of colonisation and decolonisation on the customs and rights of coastal communities, and the role that the law plays in the development and dismantling of colonial institutions that continue to have an impact on ocean governance. The event will also discuss the importance of ensuring the inclusion, knowledge, perspectives, and rights of Indigenous peoples when approaching contemporary ocean challenges.


The three pre-recorded presentations will be available on One Ocean Hub’s website one week prior to the webinar ( The event itself will be a Zoom webinar focused on Q&A and discussion with the three presenters.



  • Dr Joshua L. Reid (University of Washington) - From “Fishing Together” to “To Fish in Common With”: Makah Marine Waters and the Making of the Settler Commons in Washington Territory
  • Dr Jackie Sunde (University of Cape Town) - Decolonizing Marine Governance and Law: Contributions from living customary law along the coast in South Africa
  • Dr Saskia Vermeylen (University of Strathclyde) - The Saltwater Collection and Sea Rights: A Tapestry of Belonging, Memory and Relational Laws

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This event is part of a wider programme of One Ocean Hub events that have been organised in partnership with UN World Oceans Week. Information on the other events, many of which may also be of interest, can be found via the UN World Oceans Week website: