H-Net 25 campaign: please give

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If H-Empire and H-Net have contributed to your professional career in any way, please consider giving to the H-Net 25 campaign.

Perhaps you found the job ad for your current position cross-posted to H-Empire from the H-Net Job Guide.

Perhaps you contributed to the H-Empire review program and used your review(s) as evidence in your tenure and promotion portfolio.

Perhaps you published an article or participated in a workshop or conference thanks to a CFP or CFC cross-posted to H-Empire from H-Announce.

Perhaps your edited volume, conference, or workshop succeeded, in part, because of its exposure on H-Empire.

Perhaps you have kept up with your field through H-Empire reviews and the New and Forthcoming Publications series.

Perhaps you designed or redesigned a syllabus with help from the H-Empire syllabi database.

Perhaps you crowdsourced the answer to a research problem or inquiry with an H-Empire post.

For 25 years, H-Net has served as an indispensible resource to so many of us. H-Net and H-Empire have been the lifeblood of my academic career. But, H-Net does not and cannot carry on through appreciation and goodwill alone. It operates because of the monetary support of its subscribers. This is an expensive enterprise, and it needs your support. If you value you what we do here, it's time to ensure H-Net's future for the next generation of scholars. Please give. $5. $10. $25 for 25 years. $100. A recurring monthly donation of $10, $25, $50. Whatever you think honors what H-Net does. Every little bit helps.

We now return you to the conclusion of Downton Abbey...

Chas Reed
President, H-Net
Editor, H-Empire