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The Lagos Studies Association (LSA) is excited to announce the winners of its 2018 Distinguished Scholar Award; Distinguished Personality Award; and Best Doctoral Thesis in Lagos Studies Award. The awards will be formally presented to the winners at the closing ceremony of the 3rd Lagos Conference (University of Lagos) on June 23, 2018.


(1) Distinguished Scholar Award: Ayodeji Olukoju (Professor of History, University of Lagos)

This award is reserved for “a senior academic who has published research articles or/and academic books/monographs that helped shape new directions in Lagos, Nigerian, and African studies.” The LSA Awards Committee praised Olukoju’s impressive contributions to Lagos studies and dedication to the craft of history.

Nomination by Yolanda Osondu (University of Lagos) is available here:


(2) Distinguished Personality Award: Adekunle AbdulLateef Alli (Honorable Member of the House of Representatives in the Second Republic; Elder Statesman; Local historian of Lagos)

This award is reserved for “a non-academic practitioner who has made positive, visible, and major contributions to Lagos politics, society, or economy.” The LSA Awards Committee praised Alli for his dedication to promoting the knowledge of Lagos. They thought his career as a local intelligentsia is admirable and truly distinguished.

Nomination by Halimat Somotan (Columbia University) is available here:


(3) Best Doctoral Thesis in Lagos Studies Award: Ying Cheng (Assistant Professor, Peking University, China)

Title of Thesis: “Is Theatre Dying in Nigeria? Recycling Popular Theatre in Metropolitan Lagos” (Completed at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Examiners: Karin Barber and Sola Adeyemi

Supervisors: Akin Oyètádé and Carli Coetzee

This award goes to the “best doctoral thesis on Lagos completed in any university in the world.” The LSA Awards Committee was impressed by how she used the idea of mobility and sociality, spatial practice, intimate and mobile geographies of space-making, marginal urban youth, and everyday life to engage public and theatrical performance with particular focus on the Lagos-based “Crown Troupe of Africa.” They thought her attentive participatory research, deep ethnography, in addition to critical reading of secondary sources enhance the contextual and theoretical fulcrum on which the project lies. The performances of the “Crown Troupe of Africa” provide a clear window to viewing the complexity of life in Lagos, while also challenging the popular notion of the “death” of popular Yoruba traveling theatre.

Nomination by Carli Coetzee (Journal of African Cultural Studies) is available here:


For more information about the LSA, please visit:


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