TOC: Iranian Studies vol 56, issue 1 (2023): Parsis and Iran special issue

Dinyar Patel Discussion

Iranian Studies has published a special issue focusing on relations between Parsis and Iran since the mid-nineteenth century. The articles in this special issue cover five key themes in Parsi relations with Iran: commerce and trade, philanthropy, cultural and textual exchange, travel, and minority identity.


Dinyar Phiroze Patel, "Power and Philanthropy: The Imperial Dimensions of Parsi Amelioration of the Iranian Zoroastrians"

Talinn Grigor, "Time of Historicism, Print Revival, and Parsi Patronage of Architecture, 1887–1936"

Murali Ranganathan, "Back to the Motherland? Parsi Gujarati Travelogues of Iran in the Qajar-Pahlavi Interregnum, 1921–1925"

Afshin Marashi, "'Rich Fields in Persia': Parsi Capital and the Origins of Economic Development in Pahlavi Iran, 1925–1941"

Navid Fozi, "Distinction and Survival: Zoroastrians, Religious Nationalism, and Cultural Ownership in Shiʿi Iran"

Afshin Marashi and Dinyar Phiroze Patel, "As Seen from Bombay: An Iranian Zoroastrian Photo Album from the 1930s"

Note: due to an editorial oversight by Iranian Studies, Dinyar Patel's article was not published in the print edition of this special issue. It will be carried in the subsequent edition of Iranian Studies.


Afshin Marashi (University of Oklahoma)

Dinyar Patel (SP Jain Institute of Management and Research)