ANN: Recruiting Editorial Board Members | World History Bulletin (WHA)

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The World History Bulletin, a biannual peer-reviewed publication of the World History Association, is currently looking to recruit new members for its Editorial Board.

Board members serve two-year terms, during which they will be invited to assist with peer-reviewing submissions and advising on any proposed changes to the Bulletin’s publishing practices, including the mechanisms of peer-review. Board members will also be called upon to help plan and deliver the Bulletin’s first-ever graduate student virtual conference.

Featuring short-form essays, the Bulletin is devoted to raising interesting questions, stimulating lively debate, and engaging with all aspects of world historical scholarship, including pedagogy, research, and theory. Topics featured may include any period or geographic focus in history. 

If you’re interested in joining the Editorial Board, send your CV and brief detail of areas of interest/specialization to Joseph Snyder, editor-in-chief, at

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Joseph M. Snyder