The H-Empire Blog is looking for contributors!

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Over the past few months, the relaunch of the H-Empire blog has got off to a great start (and you can find all of the pieces here).

We have published blogs on the fascinating case of legal transplantation between local governments in Mandate Palestine, assassinations and their political impacts in 1880s Ireland, an investigation of a famous photo of 1921 Cairo Conference, and the tragic illusions of William Moorcroft who sought to improve the quality of horses in colonial India.

We want the blog to serve as a means of creating discussion about new developments in the field, as a means of sharing new research and teaching resources, and as a way to help publicise new publications and projects.

In particular, we want to ensure that we publish on as wide a variety of time periods and regions as possible and that we have a diverse range of contributors. From the ancient world to the contemporary moment, covering all regions of the globe – if you have something interesting to share about the history of empires or if you know of somebody else who does, we are keen to hear about it!

If you would like to get involved, contact the editorial team (and the blog’s editor Aaron Ackerley ( to pitch your ideas. We are happy to discuss ideas or receive pitches from anybody who is interested, even if they aren’t a member of H-Empire.

Blogs should aim to be 600-1000 words long, though some leeway can be granted if necessary. 

We would love to hear from you and to hear about your research - so please do get in touch!