Banister Fletcher Panel Conversation: Mapping and Measures

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Monday, March 15, 2021
18:30 – 20:30 CET

Mapping and Measures

Part of a larger programme, The Quantification of Urban Space, this online panel conversation and its associated workshop, gathering scholars and practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic, will explore the methods and modes in which urban space has been and still is quantified through mapping techniques, numerical measures, and visualization technologies. Beginning with ontological questions of what is mapped and what is not, or cannot be, this panel discussion moves from historical considerations of how space and lives were translated into quantitative values, how numbers gained authority, and the ways numbers mediate how cities and lives are shaped, to critical and counter methods of mapping, measuring, and narrating history.


Bernard Geoghegan (Media Theory, Kings College London), The politics of GPS

Anne Godlewska (Geography, Queen’s University), Mapping ignorance in settler colonialism

Ijlal Muzaffar (Architectural History, Rhode Island School of Design), Qualities and quantities in Third World development

Jason Nguyen (Architectural History, University of Toronto), Measures of architectural labor during the Enlightenment

Caitlin Rosenthal (History, University of California, Berkeley), Accounting for slavery

Jacqueline Wernimont (Literature, Dartmouth College), Feminist theories of commensuration

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