2020 ISLPMC Wilhelm-Keiffer Award

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*Apologies for Cross-Posting*

As your semester winds down and the grading kicks up, please remember to encourage your brightest undergraduate students to submit posters to the 2020 Landscape, Place and Material Culture conference in Atlantic City, NJ during October. Approved posters will be automatically considered for ISLPMC's Wilhelm-Keiffer award. Details of this award are at this site: http://www.pioneeramerica.org/awardwilhelm.html 

The annual LPMC conference is a great opportunity for faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and professionals to present and discuss their research in geography, historic preservation, landscape studies, ethnography, architecture, archaeology, sociology, and other related disciplines. It is a smaller but active conference and includes two days of local field trips. Along with your students' submissions, we invite all of you to join us and present your research in Atlantic City. 

I hope the end of the semester lands gently for you all and that you enjoy your break and holidays.