Call for Review Editors- H-HistGeog

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Thanks for your participation in H-HistGeog. Our network has grown to over 2,680 subscribers from around the world since it was founded in 2002. I invite you to use the extensive talents we have as a group in your historical geography academic pursuits through engaging in substantive discussions and inquiry through H-HistGeog. One way this can be done is for us to increase the quantity of our book reviews. In the past we have had as many as three review editors, but at the moment we have just one (Jon Malek). If you are interested, and have the enthusiasm and expertise needed to be a review editor for our network, please send me your C.V. and a letter of interest by November 1, 2017.

Thank you!


Samuel Otterstrom

H-HistGeog Editor

Professor of Geography

Brigham Young University