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Publication: The Hidden Life of Textiles in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean

"Apologies for cross-posting"

Dear colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce the publication by Brepols of the edited volume of essays The Hidden Life of Textiles in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean. The book contains published papers of the conference 'Textiles & Identity in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean: Paradigms of Contexts and Cross-Cultural Exchanges' of the British School at Athens, held at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in 2016, as well as some new contributions.  

Collecting Orthodoxy in the West: A History and a Look Towards the Future

In a 1947 article titled “Byzantine Art and Scholarship in America,” Kurt Weitzmann examined the

history of collecting Byzantine art in the United States. “…The combination of formal beauty and

material splendor, coupled with great technical perfection and an aristocratic spirit which gives to

even the smallest object a rare distinction…” renders these works particularly attractive to private

CfP: Istanbul Unbound 2021

Istanbul Research Institute and Pera Museum organize Istanbul Unbound: Environmental Approaches to the City, an international conference that seeks to offer new insights on the complex layers of Istanbul’s urban landscape, to be held in April 8-11, 2021, at the Pera Museum.


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