Translated Texts for Historians E-Library: New Content for 2022

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This year more content from the Translated Texts for Historians, Translated Texts for Historians Contexts, and Translated Texts for Byzantinists series is available to your library than ever before as part of the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library.
What’s new with the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library in 2022?
The following titles have been added to the E-Library and are now live:
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What are the benefits to your library?
  • Comprehensive: 85-volume digital library with over 24,000 pages of translated historical sources, from the political letters and speeches of Ambrose of Milan to Zachariah of Mytilene’s Chronicle.
  • Wide-ranging: The translated texts span A.D. 300–800 and have been translated into English from Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Old Irish. The geographic range covers Syria, Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Egypt in the East; North Africa; major cities of the Roman Empire (Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople); and Spain, Gaul, Italy, Britain and Ireland in the West.
  • Variety of texts: Types of writing include histories, chronicles, letters, annals, formularies, compendia, political speeches, military and theological handbooks, poems, documentary sources, records of church councils, biblical and theological commentaries, sermons, church histories, Christian treatises, Christian and pagan panegyric and polemic, neoplatonic texts, lives of saints, bishops and popes.
  • Invaluable: Each volume of scholarly translation includes an introduction setting the text into context, and rigorous notes on content, interpretation and debates.
  • Continuous access: 24/7 access to the most authoritative and scholarly translations of these texts.
  • Digitally preserved: All content is digitally preserved in the CLOCKSS archive.
What's new in the Translated Texts for Historians print series?
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