Pearl: a new addition to the Exeter Medieval Online ebook collection

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Dear list members,
Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce the publication of Pearl, edited and translated by Thorlac Turville-Petre.
  • This edition is the only edition of Pearl to be accompanied by a literal translation and a full literary commentary.
  • It is the most remarkable of English poems of the Middle Ages.
  • This edition is the fruit of 40 years of teaching medieval literature.
The print version of Pearl is included in Liverpool University Press’ Winter Sale – to get a 50% discount on print books this winter, use code WINTER21 at the checkout. Sale ends 31st December 2021. Find more information about our Winter Sale here:
The ebook for Pearl has recently been made exclusively available as part of the Exeter Medieval Online ebook collection here:
Exeter Medieval Online combines the internationally renowned print series Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies and Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe and makes them available online for the first time. Offering over 90 volumes, this collection makes a significant contribution to modern scholarship in the field of medieval and early Tudor studies.
Browse the Exeter Medieval Online collection here:
What are the benefits to your library?
  • Comprehensive: Cohesive ebook collection with over 20,000 pages of international scholarship from A Beowulf Handbook to Working with Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts.
  • No embargo: Immediate online access to content plus annual updates to include all new releases throughout the five year period.
  • Wide-ranging: both series cover a chronological range of c.500-1500 with a broad European focus.
  • Variety of texts: The collection offers monographs, guides, collaborative studies, edited volumes, and translations of important texts - making available critical and contextual studies by leading scholars in the field.
  • Interdisciplinary: A broad overview of a variety of subjects relating to the history the Middle Ages including: literature, religious studies, society and culture, translation and contextualisation of key texts, the history of the book, architecture, music and sound studies, visual arts, art history, archaeology and landscape history, the urban environment.
  • Interactive: Available on our new super-fast, feature-rich online eReader which presents volumes with a crisp fully-scalable image and the ability to zoom in, bookmark, copy text, print, and download.
  • Digitally preserved: All content is digitally preserved in the CLOCKSS Archive.
The Exeter Medieval Online ebook collection is available to libraries and can be purchased outright for £6,000 / US$7,200. One-off purchase includes immediate access to all current content plus five years' worth of future content. Online access is in perpetuity and there are no online hosting fees.
If you think students and faculty at your institution would benefit from access to this resource, please forward this email to your librarian.