Welcome to the Commons!

You have arrived at the new web home of H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online.  Our fresh digs are still a work in progress but we are nearly finished moving our existing networks in and getting their sites furnished.

The cornerstone of our reconstruction is the H-Net Commons, an entirely rebuilt platform for discussions and webbed materials.  On the front page of the Commons you will see a dynamic listing of material fed from our member networks.  And each network will be doing the same thing at its own home base. 

At our new facility, H-Net users will be able to:

  • post images, audio, video, text
  • exchange discussion messages and receive them via email if they wish
  • view user profiles
  • customize their subscribed network content at a "My HNet" home box
  • deliver pages via RSS feeds to their mailboxes or feed readers
  • create blogs and customize pages of links and other content
  • create content-based projects (image archives, a syllabus commons, etc.)
  • use private planning space for affiliated organizations
  • create content through a common web-based interface
  • search for material across H-Net that has been categorized and tagged by editors and users for easy retrieval, and save dynamic searches to the My HNet homebox.

We are very excited about this new resource!  Stay tuned for progress reports.

Want to get started?  Click here to create a free account so that you can subscribe to a network.  Need help?  Click on the "Go To" dropdown at the top left of the page  next to the search box and choose "Help Desk" to visit our help desk for guides, how-tos, and information.  Looking for something?  Type it in the "Search H-Net" box at the top of the page.  Want to find a network?  Click "List of Networks" to the left of the search box.

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