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Post Job Ads: H-Net’s Job Guide is ideally suited for hirers seeking academics. It has circulated more than 50,000 notices of professional openings and is among the most widely used forums for job seekers in the humanities and social sciences. In peak months it receives hundreds of thousands of visits. All job notices also circulate on social media. Fees for hirers are modest by industry standards and all job seekers can access the H-Net job guide for free. All revenues go exclusively to support H-Net’s non-profit operations.

Read: Stay up on academic trends and tap into rich veins of material through H-Net’s free, open-access content. Scan H-Announce, our Job Guide, and H-Podcast to follow innovations and opportunities. Browse and search tens of thousands of academic book reviews at H-Reviews. Visit our scores of moderated, topically-defined academic networks with their own deep threads of content, including blogs, essays, resource lists, and more. Follow trends in academic publishing at the H-Net Book Channel and its blog, Feeding the Elephant.

Subscribe: Open and fill out a free user account associated with your personal identity and subscribe to our networks. Subscribers receive email notifications with recent content, including announcements, queries, comments, blog posts, essays, and news digests. H-Net does not charge subscription fees, sell user data, or circulate spam. We offer inclusive, regulated academic communities that exist to enrich their fields of study, teaching, and practice. They constitute an effortless way to stay involved.

Circulate: Do you have an announcement, query, report, or new issue of an academic journal? We are committed to the open, moderated circulation of relevant information for non-profit purposes. H-Announce, a free service, can help you post information about events, publications, webinars, and more. Our topically-defined networks can deliver information directly to their academic subscribers, who often number in the thousands (see the “Start a Discussion” button once subscribed). All network messages should be informational and not promotional in nature, should not be tied to for-profit activities, and go through pre-publication review by the network’s editors.

Collaborate: H-Net is eager to work with other academic non-profit organizations. Our platform, the H-Net Commons, is flexible, durable, and designed and managed by our own academic staff. Many of our networks are eager to develop joint projects and our staff can help dialogue about the possibilities. H-Net does not harness such projects for revenue and relies on the Creative Commons 3 Copyright License, which allows authors to publish on an H-Net network and elsewhere (assuming the latter does not impose a more restrictive copyright license). Our networks have developed shared blog series, OCR projects, conference recordings, conference reports, and immersive projects, all while working to flag other organizations’ projects.   

Support: Help us get the word out about what we do. Forward this document to a colleague or email list, tape it to an office door, or post it online. We know how busy you are and appreciate even a few minutes of your time! Have one more moment? Join the hundreds of scholars, netizens, activists, public intellectuals, and students who support our non-profit academic mission through donations!

Message approved by H-Net's Executive Council, April 2021