Horizons: H-Net Newsletter, 2:2

Volume 2 • Number 2 • June 2015

Welcome from the Associate Director for Reviews

Welcome to the latest edition of H-Net's occasional newsletter! The H-Net Commons is coming upon two years this fall and we want to highlight just some of the many projects and initiatives of our wonderful volunteer editors and contributors. This includes a round-up of teaching resources across the Commons, network blogs, special features from H-Net Reviews, and much more. Today we also roll out the new the H-Announce network, bringing H-Net's Academic Announcement service to the H-Net Commons. We hope that readers will subscribe to explore all that the Commons has to offer: dip into new networks, browse recent reviews, and be inspired to join in discussions with fellow scholars, students, and other professionals committed to the humanities and social sciences. 

--Yelena Kalinsky, Associate Director for Reviews


Teaching Resource Centers

A number of H-Net networks compile resources for teachers, including syllabi, lessons, discussion, and advice. All these materials use the category 'Teaching Resources.'

Over 450 Japan Scholars Support Open Letter on War and Historical Memory

On May 5, 2015 H-Asia and H-Japan published an Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan authored and signed by 187 Japanese studies scholars on the issue of the so-called "comfort women" and World War II memory. The letter emerged from an open forum held at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting held in Chicago during March 2015, and from subsequent online discussions among a wide range of Japan scholars. The letter calls on Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to "act boldly" on significant historical memory issues raised during his historic speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress on April 29. In response to overwhelmingly positive support for the Open Letter and requests to sign on by Japan scholars worldwide, a new list for signatures was opened and published here.


Featured Network: H-Democracy

To help readers discover networks on H-Net, we will be featuring some of the unique offerings that different H-Net networks have to offer. This month, we feature H-Demoncracy, currently edited by Dr. Bill Brantley and Dr. Benjamin Young. Bill writes:

H-Democracy is a network devoted to discussing democratic theory and history. It is a growing network with an average of two to three new members every week. We publish a weekly newsletter of the top five news articles about current democracy events. Planning is underway to host an online virtual conference on current democratic theory.

You can read the latest Weekly Five here.


Featured Networks of Practice: H-HistBibl and H-OralHist

Here I would like to highlight two professional networks that regularly post useful content for a particular group of professionals that many of H-Net's subscribers would benefit from reading: H-HistBibl and H-OralHist. H-HistBibl (affiliated with the History Section of the Reference and User Services Association, a division of the ALA, and the Association for the Bibliography of History) is made up of librarians, archivists, curators, and scholars interested in the practice and study of bibliographic and library services to support the study and teaching of history. Aside from the handy Internet Resources for Keeping Up with History (mentioned above), network editor Dominique Daniel points readers to content on primary sources, open access, digital tools, and much else. H-Oralhist, with over 3,800 subscribers, is one of H-Net's oldest networks. The network is affiliated with the Oral History Association, an organization that has long been a wonderful supporter and friend of H-Net. Recent discussions on H-OralHist have touched on ethical questions about interview subjects, release forms, legacy interviews, and more that scholars working with living subjects and interviews would find useful to peruse.

H-Net's Academic Announcements Service Migrated to the Commons

The development team has migrated H-Net Academic Announcements to the Commons. The legacy site at www.h-net.org/announce will no longer accept submissions, but its archive will remain public. To post a new academic announcement, simply log in to the Commons, navigate to H-Announce and click “Post an Announcement.” A new user guide has been posted to the Help Desk. For additional assistance, please write to the help desk.


H-Net Blogroll

Here is roundup of some of the most popular blogs on the H-Net Commons. Readers can browse the full listing of H-Net blogs by clicking on the Blogs tab from the Commons front page.


H-Net Reviews News

As our Review Guidelines describe, one of the goals of H-Net Reviews is to facilitate discussion of new works and develop new professional norms that encourage dialogue between authors and their reviewers. H-Histsex review editor Chiara Beccalossi recently facilitated such an author-reviewer discussion between Robin Bauer, author of Queer BDSM Intimacies: Critical Consent and Pushing Boundaries (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014), and Ivan Crozier, its reviewer for H-Histsex. Some of the issues raised included the uses and pitfalls of descriptive writing in academic studies of BDSM; the differences between sociological, ethnographic, and historical approaches to the subject; the relationship between queer theory and BDSM practice, and much else. Readers can find the original review here and read and join in the ensuing discussion here.

Robert Barsky, a reviewer for H-Socialisms took advantage of H-Net's online platform in a different way in his long review of Jamie Nace Cohen-Cole's The Open Mind: Cold War Politics and the Sciences of Human Nature (University of Chicago Press, 2014) on H-Socialisms. Barsky spoke with H-Socialisms review editor Gary Roth and managing editor Yelena Kalinsky about his extended review and the relationship between liberalism, academic life, and The Open Mind on an episode of the forthcoming H-Net Podcast The Art of the Review. Readers will be able listen to a preview episode soon. The full episode and the full season of The Art of the Review will be out this fall.



Featured Staff: Veronica Stachurski, H-Net Clerk

And last but not least, H-Net would like to thank all of the hard working home office staff. Our undergraduate clerks answer the phones, respond to help tickets, and help editors build projects and naviage the Commons. We'll be spotlighting them here.

  1. Senior at MSU, majoring in Political Science (Pre-⁠law track) and History. I'm interested in the Interwar period, and I am writing an undergraduate thesis analyzing global political change in Germany, Russia, and the United States during this time. One of the more suprising aspects has been looking at war-time propaganda from the World Wars.
  2. Plans after college: Law School, planning to complete a dual JD/MBA program with the intention to practice and later teach law. My favorite area of law is international law.
  3. H-Net Networks to follow: I follow H-⁠Democracy, and I especially enjoy their "Weekly Five" posts. I'm an avid news follower, but the Weekly Five always has something new for me. I especially enjoy the international scope.
  4. Beyond H-Net: I'm the only girl among four siblings and the first member of my extended family to attend college. I recently traveled to Europe on study abroad, but I love living in Michigan.