Horizons: H-Net Newsletter, 2:1

Volume 2 • Number 1 • April 2015

Greetings, H-Net readers, and welcome to this third edition of our occasional newsletter! The newsletter highlights the work of our wonderful teams of volunteer editors and contributors, points you to new projects underway, and helps subscribers get the most out of their H-Net membership. Please tap in to http://networks.h-net.org/h-net for more information and join us on the H-Net Commons! You can write to me with your comments and ideas, and if you see something we should highlight in our newsletter, please let me know!

--Dr. Peter Knupfer


New Public Council & Directorate Networks

Those interested in H-Net's governance, administration, and management can check out the new public networks for the H-Net Executive Council and the H-Net Directorate. On the Council network, you can find meeting minutes, official communications from the officers and council members, vote records and policies passed, public planning documents, and more. The Directorate network will connect you with activities at the home office: director's reports, tax filings, and communications from the Executive Director and Associate Directors. Look for documents in the Resources sections in each network's right sidebar, and subscribe to receive notifications of new discussions and blog posts.


New Hubs Gather Content Across Networks

H-Net has launced another format for aggregating Commons content, called H-Net Hubs. These are websites that harvest content from all networks based on the subject keywords frequently used by editors and subscribers. The first two are the Digital Humanities Hub and the Gender Hub. The Hubs do not host their own discussions, but rather bring cross-network content on specific subjects to one place, with all roads leading back to the networks where the content originated. This is just one more way that readers can learn about new networks and find content that is relevant to them. NB: Adding the keywords "digital humanities" and "gender" to your discussions and contributions will help make the Hubs even more useful.


Featured Project: AHA 2015 Digital Roundtables Archive at H-Digital-History

Speaking of the digital humanities, H-Digital-History worked with Ashley Sanders to archive materials from the 2015 AHA Digital Roundtables. The materials are powerpoints and an audio recording of AHA 2015 Session 42 Roundtable "Digital Tools: From the Archive to Publication" with Ashley Sanders, Nancy Brown, Rachel Kantrowitz, Nora Slonimsky, and chaired by Leah Weinryb Grohsgal.


Featured Blog: Intersecciones on H-PCAACA

Intersecciones is a monthly H-PCAACA blog about the intersection of popular culture, race, and gender by Wendy Braun, a Lecturer of English at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville and co-editor of H-SAWH. Wendy's blog is a wonderful mix of pop culture knowledge and insightful analysis through the dual lenses of race and gender. She often features examples of how to use new media to further one's research. (Check out her posts about Twitter and Reddit, especially if you still secretly wonder what these two words mean.) I'm looking forward to more posts in the coming months.


H-Net on Twitter

A mention to the many new Twitter accounts that are appearing from H-Net. The home office tweets @HNet_Humanities and @HNet_Reviews. A fuller list of network and H-Net editor Twitter handles can be found here. Tweet @HNet_Humanities to be added to the list!