Announcing H-Ukraine

H-Net proudly welcomes H-Ukraine to its family of nearly 200 networks, now available on the H-Net Commons. Read on and follow the links below for more information about this exciting new network!


H-Ukraine is an online platform dedicated to promoting and advancing scholarly contributions to the field of Ukrainian studies. We aim to incorporate interdisciplinary work that examines the history of Ukraine and its place within the wider region. H-Ukraine is not a political forum, but rather a professional network that serves scholars, students, and the interested public. This site is meant to connect individuals and groups through respectful dialogue in order to share the latest news of recent publications, book reviews, theoretical approaches and research methodologies, and teaching resources.

H-Ukraine Editorial Staff

John Vsetecka, Michigan State University - Network Editor

Amber N. Nickell, Purdue University - Network Editor

Nataliya Shpylova-Saeed, Indiana University - Reviews Editor

H-Ukraine Advisory Board

Dr. Matthew Pauly (Michigan State University)
Dr. Serhii Plokhii (Harvard University)
Dr. Steven Seegel (University of Northern Colorado)
Dr. Jeffrey Veidlinger (University of Michigan)
Dr. Andrii Portnov (Europa-Universitat Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder)
John Vsetecka (Michigan State University)
Amber Nickell (Purdue University)

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