Horizons: H-Net Newsletter, 1:1

Volume 1 • Number 1 • September 2014

Ashley Sanders, Newsletter Editor

Director's Welcome

Greetings, H-Net readers, and welcome to this first edition of our  occasional newsletter!  The newsletter highlights the work of our wonderful teams of volunteer editors and contributors, points you to new projects underway, and helps subscribers get the most out of their H-Net membership. Please tap in to http://networks.h-net.org/h-net for more information and join us on the H-Net Commons!  You can write to me with your comments and ideas, and if you see something we should highlight in our newsletter, please let me know!

--Dr. Peter Knupfer

Networks News

I'm happy to welcome the more than 70 new editors who have joined us since the migration to the Commons began. They come to us from careers in academia, private business, libraries, historic preservation, and government. Many bring a wealth of experience in content development, blogging, web design and other areas that will be a boon to our new format. This massive infusion of new blood is already having a positive effect on many networks across the Commons* and I'm excited to see what is to come.

*Check out "The Weekly 5" on H-Democracy, H-Pennsylvania's extensive Archives and Bibliography listings, or the H-DigiRhet Roundup--all on networks run entirely by new editors.

The Council has also approved two new networks. They are H-Eurasia-Food and H-Design-Studies. H-Eurasia-Food is dedicated to the history, culture, and politics of food and drink in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia. The network will provide an interdisciplinary forum for sharing research, teaching and publication ideas and opportunities related to the production, consumption and cultural meanings of food and drink from and in this region. H-Design-Studies will serve humanists and designers interested in design history, theory, philosophy, criticism, and methodology. The founder and moderator of Design-Studies Forum-L, a 13 year old, 900-member listserv, initiated this new H-Net Network, and we are currently moving their archives and their subscribers to the Commons, so we look forward to a strong start for this network.

These are exciting additions to H-Net. Both of these networks represent rich and growing multidisciplinary fields and each will expand H-NET's academic footprint. Editors are in training for both networks, so look for them to appear online very soon.

--Patrick Cox
VP of Networks

Teaching & Learning

Over the years, many networks have developed projects/resources for students and teachers. Alas, it was very difficult to find them through the archives, and it was almost impossible to make these efforts visible. The transition to H-Net Commons opens a range of opportunities:

  • Space and tools for the development of new resources
  • Tools to create (and maintain) a catalogue of existing resources
  • A powerful search engine that makes it easy to find resources
  • The chance for collaboration across networks

The Teaching & Learning column in the newsletter will highlight projects to encourage collaboration and to inspire new projects. Our new format gives us a chance to make better use of our experiences, to start new collaborations, and to make our efforts more accessible. I am excited to see what more is to come.

--Monika Lehner
VP of Teaching & Learning

Publications & Reviews

I am finishing the 2nd year of my first term as VP of Research and Publications at H-Net and I think it is an exciting time to be involved with H-Net. I want to acknowledge the tremendous work Basia Nowak and Charlotte Weber have done training new Review Editors this year. Since January of 2014 they have trained 23 new review editors as well as continuing their copy editing duties at H-Net. Along with the new review editors we brought on board, H-Reviews published over 1,300 reviews since January 2014. I hope to bring attention to the fine work Basia and Charlotte have done to keep H-Reviews running smoothly, and if you have the chance to work with one of them on a review in the future, please thank them for their contribution to H-Net.

--Robert Cassanello
VP of Publications

Project of the Month

Journal of American Studies of Turkey Online Supplements

H-AMSTDY's first online, multi-media supplement. The endeavor begins with pieces from Christophe Collard and Agnes Pokol-Hayhurst to accompany their pieces in the current issue of The Journal of American Studies of Turkey.

Commons Quick Start!

As part of our transition to the H-Net Commons we are happy to announce a user education drive.  We've created a brief Quick Start Guide at the Help Desk to get Commons users up and running and using the system as quickly as possible.  Be sure to keep an eye on your Networks as we will be periodically sending out further guides to help new users get up to speed.

New Networks

This summer saw the creation of our first Crossroads Network! The World Cup 2014 Crossroads network was edited by currently serving editors and dynamically gathered all moderated content under the "world cup 2014" category from all networks, including images and files. It served as a home page for World Cup content for the duration of the project, linking back to each network. https://networks.h-net.org/world-cup-2014