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Volume 4, Number 2 (September 2017)Horizons: H-Net Newsletter Archive


As many of you settle into a new semester and we wait for the temperature to fall, H-Net editors have been busy behind the scenes working on network projects, commissioning reviews, and continuing to publish valuable information for subscribers. Readers will notice that H-Net's front page has undergone a redesign to highlight all this bustling activity. New networks are featured prominently at the top. Network projects and blogs are highlighted in the center section. The right-side feeds feature up-to-the-minute activity from the networks, reviews, announcements, and the job guide. We hope that the new design lets users see at a glance all that the editors and subscribers have going on. In this issue of Horizons, we feature just a few of these items: a blog post from H-Net's president Ryan Dunch regarding the importance of H-Net's independent voice online; the OAH Meeting Crossroads to help participants post and join panels; H-Nutrition's cool What Is a Recipe? project; and two featured home office staff members whose work designing H-Net's graphics and coordinating our social media you have no doubt enjoyed. Happy fall, everyone!

--Yelena Kalinsky, Associate Director for Research & Publications.

H-Net's Role in the Digital Era

H-Net President Ryan Dunch recently blogged about the emergence of digital scholarship and H-Net's role in the digital era. Readers can find the H-Net Council blogs--and many more resources about H-Net's governance, including our By-Laws and Strategic Plan--on the Council network.

Featured Staff: Jessica and Kendra

In this issue we feature Jessica Kukla and Kendra Fuller, MSU students and H-Net clerks. Jessica started as digital media intern, producing the episode Exploring Academic Podcasting and moving on to Help Desk videos and network graphics and banners. Kendra began by taking over the @HNet_Humanities Twitter feed and has built a professional and lively social media presence for H-Net Reviews, Job Guide, Podcasts, and the Book Channel beyond the Commons. We asked Jessica and Kendra a couple of questions about their time at H-Net.

Year and major at MSU:
Senior studying Professional Writing with a specialization in editing and publishing.
Kendra: Junior, Business Management and Finance

Plans after college:
After college I am looking to get a job in the publishing industry doing editorial assistant work or online web development—more importantly, get out of Michigan and travel.
K: Hopefully working for a "For Cause" non-profit that creates educational programs PK-12

H-Net networks you follow:
I have a special place in my heart for H-Podcast. I loved working with the editors and conducting my own research to create my own episode. (ed note: Listen to it here!)
K: H-Celebration is very interesting and they have an active Twitter. I also appreciate the H-Democracy "Weekly Five" posts. 

Interests outside of work:
J: Fun fact: For 3 years I was on the MSU drumline. Outside of H-Net I love going to football games, and long drives listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR.
K: I love going to see a movie with my friends. Beyond that, I like to mix it up and try a bunch of new things. 

What you learned from H-Net that you'll take to your next endeavor:
J: All the professional development I was able to implement on projects to grow my media skillset and resume I will definitely take on to future endeavors.
K: Over my time at H-Net I have learned about Social Media for organizations and businesses, hopefully I can use that later on. In addition, I've definitely picked up a lot of customer service skills- I am really good at typing "H-Net Commons" now as well. 

What Is a Recipe? A Virtual Conversation

As part of a two-month, international, multi-platform virtual conference "What is a Recipe?", H-Nutrition asked subscribers to pick one recipe from their research that relates to the field of nutrition—broadly defined—and do a close reading of it. What can we learn about the history of nutrition from it? How do they know it’s a recipe? Why do they find it interesting? The editors got recipes for oatmeal that were also instructions on how to raise healthy children; a statistical analysis of Yorkshire Pudding recipes; a gender analysis of DIY Soylent recipes; and several personal reflections about the intersection of the authors' eating histories and their professional research. Read all the contributions here. The virtual conference, organized by The Recipes Project, started with a panel at the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians and included YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and blog posts. H-Nutrition's Twitter handle is @HNetNutrition; some of the editors tweet with #HistNutrition and #HistFood.

Featured Network Project

American Childhoods, a bi-monthly feature on the H-Amstdy network, takes a wide-ranging look at the social constructions of childhoods and experiences of children in America. Authors have tackled childern in the age of Trump, the first American children's magazine, MPAA ratings, the hidden racism of the multicultural canon, and depictions of black childhood in America, among others. Keep an eye out for future installments, and contact the editors if you'd like to contribute.

OAH Meeting Crossroads

The OAH Annual Meeting Crossroads on the H-Net Commons is where OAH Annual Meeting attendees can collaborate on panels for the 2019 OAH Annual Meeting taking place in Philadelphia, PA, find potential roomates or travel mates for the 2018 Annual Meeting, or discuss issues facing the profession. Discussions can be posted on any of H-Net's area-specific networks, such at H-AfroAm (see All Networks). The Crossroads will aggregate all OAH-related content in one place for users' convenience.

2019 Call for Proposals: http://www.oah.org/meetings-events/meetings-events/call-for-proposals/

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