H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of August 4 - 10, 2017)

Last Week's RoundupAugust 4 - 10, 2017

Network News

H-USA, the network focusing on American history and studies, recruiting editors and bloggers

H-Diplo publications takes its annual hiatus August 7 through September 4


Network Publications

H-Celebration Parade Talk Blog: Parade Material Culture: You caught what at a parade

H-Diplo ISSF Policy Series: Make America Grey Again?

H-Diplo ISSF roundtable: Unclear Physics: Why Iraq and Libya Failed to Get the Bomb

H-Environment roundtable review: Love Canal: A Toxic History from Colonial Times to the Present

H-Grad Resource Blog: How to Present Yourself Professionally (on a budget), Part 1


H-Diplo author responds to review of article on cyber operations

H-Nationalism comments on the Weekend Reading on intersection of populism and nationalism

H-Empire discusses New York Times article on Dunkirk and soldiers from Britain's empire in WWII

H-World discusses the Marathas' revolution

H-War continues discussion of July's Hand Grenade of the Month

H-Early-America continues discussing open-source primary sources on Early America

H-Islamart replies to query about Carl Van Vechten photograph

H-Diplo discusses land mine casualties in Vietnam War

H-War subscriber urges re-appraisal of French Army's historical fighting ability


H-Early-America query about former AG Edmund Randolph's private legal clients

Research Resources

H-Mideast-Medieval shares issue of Mizan: Journal for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations

H-Early-America shares NYPL's open-access Early American Manuscripts Project

H-Sport shares The Everton Collection of football memorabilia

H-New-Jersey shares issue of New Jersey Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

H-HistBibl shares MIT Press digitization initiative

H-Judaic shares crowd-sourced project Cairo Genizah

H-HistBibl shares series of technical essays on computational analysis


H-Grad's latest Resource BlogHow to Present Yourself Professionally (on a budget), Part I

H-Empire shares This Week’s Top Picks in Imperial & Global History 

H-Asia shares The Way of the Eating

H-Celebration shares Parade Material Culture: You caught what at a parade

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's latest Weekend Reading

H-Demog shares recent articles in demographic history


H-War shares episode of Witness to Yesterday on the 1917 Conscription Crisis

H-Podcast shares new Champlain Society podcast, Witness to Yesterday


H-Mideast-Medieval shares collective statement on race and medieval studies by medievalists of color


H-Mideast-Medieval remembers Agostino Cilardo, Arabist and specialist in Islamic studies

H-Net Reviews

H-Diplo: Jay Rubenstein reviews The Knight, the Cross, and the Song: Crusade Propaganda and Chivalric Literature, 1100-1400

H-Diplo: Jason Yackee reviews Second Thoughts: Investor-State Arbitration between Developed Democracies

H-War: Kevin Braam reviews Americans in Occupied Belgium, 1914/1918: Accounts of the War from Journalists, Tourists, Troops and Medical Staff

H-War: Ryan Archibald reviews Domination and Resistance: The United States and the Marshall Islands During the Cold War

H-War: Mike Hankins reviews Air Power: A Global History 

H-Nationalism: Thomas Lorman reviews The Monumental Nation: Magyar Nationalism and Symbolic Politics in Fin-de-siècle Hungary

H-Nationalism: Stefan Manz reviews Purging the Empire: Mass Expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914 

H-Nationalism: G. Daniel Cohen reviews The Liberation of the Camps: The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermath

H-LatAm: Christopher Boyer reviews City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, 1860-1910

H-Nationalism: John Deak reviews The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End

H-Nationalism: Paul Moore reviews The Holocaust and Germanization of Ukraine 

H-Histsex: Saniya Lee Ghanoui reviews The Story of Sex: From Apes to Robots

H-FedHist: Steve B. Davis reviews Soldiers in the Army of Freedom: The 1st Kansas Colored, the Civil War's First African American Combat Unit

H-FedHist: Marsha R. Robinson reviews Obama and Kenya: Contested Histories and the Politics of Belonging

H-Albion: Michael Questier reviews Rookwood Family Papers, 1606-1761 

H-Romania: Ferenc Laczó reviews Eugenics and Nation in Early 20th Century Hungary

H-Russia: Angelina Lucento reviews Aesthetic Revolutions and Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde Movements

H-Net Commons Top Hits

Most Viewed Page: H-German Syllabus Database

Top Discussion: H-Buddhism discussion of Why Buddhism is True review

Top Review: Fatjon Kaja's 2016 review of The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism for H-Law

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