H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of July 7 - July 13, 2017)

Last Week's RoundupJuly 7 - 13, 2017

Network News

OAH Annual Meeting Crossroads launches

H-AMCA welcomes three new review editors: Alessandra Amin, Nisa Ari, and Sarah Dwider

H-Texas editor Jean Stuntz retiring from editorial duties, H-Texas seeks new editors

New Help Desk videos: How to post a discussion and Filling out your profile

Help Desk updates


Network Publications

H-Nutrition publishes fourth and final update to the What is a Recipe? series:

H-Amstdy's American Childhoods series latest: 

H-Diplo review essays:

H-Diplo roundtable: 

H-Diplo ISSF Policy Series: 



H-SAWH's Mentoring Discussion series asks: How do you find time to write and research as a new professor?

H-War discusses theory of doctrine versus theory of study

H-Diplo discusses land mine casualites in the Vietnam War

H-Education suggests a source on American opposition to independent schools

H-Nutrition has a fruitful discussion on the pedagogical uses of food diaries

H-Judaic compiles list of pre-modern Jewish references to Muhammed

H-OralHist suggests oral history source related to Saturn V rocket

H-Nahuatl shares article about Aztec resistance community



H-Islamart subscriber seeks records of Armenian art dealer Hagop Kevorkian

H-Luso-Africa subscriber inquires about Guinea-Bissau's relations with Czechoslovakia and Sweden in the 1960s and 1970s

H-High-S subscriber seeks social science materials for home schooling


Research Resources

H-Africa shares map of agricultural systems in sub-Saharan Africa by 1800

H-HOAC shares article discussing Olivia de Havilland and Dalton Trumbo

H-Buddhism shares The Annotated Corpus of Classical Tibetan 

H-Cervantes shares a Cervantine Image Bank

H-Diplo shares War in Asia, online platform on WWII in Asia

H-Histbibl shares article about Medieval handwriting and handwritten text recognition

H-Afro-Am shares readings on the 1967 Newark Rebellion, invites additions


Teaching Resources

H-Nutrition has a fruitful discussion on the pedagogical uses of food diaries

H-High-S subscriber seeks social science materials for home schooling



H-Celebration's Parade Talk blog's latest: Parade Puzzle: Studying Japanese Mikoshi Parades

H-Japan shares member blog Everyday Japanese Culture and Society

H-Kentucky shares network editor Andrew Patrick's KHS blog post

H-Canada shares Anguish in the Loyalist Archives from Borealia blog


News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's Weekend Readings

H-AfroAm shares News Items of Interest

H-Sport's Journal Watch

H-War's Military History Digest



H-Judaic remembers Jonathan Woocher, a preeminent figure in US Jewish Education

H-Buddhism remembers Henry Rosemont Jr., scholar of Confucianism

H-Asia remembers Jan Fontein, eminent Asian art historian


H-Net Reviews

H-AmRel: L. Benjamin Rolsky reviews Antifundamentalism in Modern America

H-AmRel: Shari L. Rabin reviews African American Religions, 1500-2000: Colonialism, Democracy, and Freedom

JHistory: Donna Harrington-Lueker reviews On Company Time: American Modernism in the Big Magazines

H-Disability: Audra Jennings reviews Enabling Acts: The Hidden Story of How the Americans with Disabilities Act Gave the Largest US Minority Its Rights

H-Disability:  M. Lynn Rose reviews Smoking Privileges: Psychiatry, the Mentally Ill, and the Tobacco Industry in America

H-Diplo: Todd Landman reviews Seeing the Myth in Human Rights

H-Socialisms: Eric Burton reviews The Quest for Socialist Utopia: The Ethiopian Student Movement, c. 1960-1974

H-Diplo: Ross Kennedy reviews The Great War and American Foreign Policy, 1914-24

H-Music: Naomi Barker reviews Passaggio in Italia: Music on the Grand Tour in the Seventeenth Century

H-War: Jordan Fansler reviews The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson's Cartographic Vision

H-War: Kevin Braam reviews Watching War

H-War: Megan L. Bever reviews Bonds of Union: Religion, Race, and Politics in a Civil War Borderland

H-Histsex: Kathleen Neal reviews Royal Bastards: The Birth of Illegitimacy, 800-1230

H-FedHist: Lindsay Schakenbach Regele reviews John Quincy Adams: Militant Spirit

H-Italy: Andrew Drenas reviews L'eresia di un umanista: Celio Secondo Curione nell' Europa del Cinquecento

H-Luso-Africa: Toby O. Green reviews Portugueses e Muçulmanos na Senegâmbia: História e Representações do Islã na África (c. 1570-1625)

H-FedHist: J. Lee Annis, Jr. reviews New Politics in the Old South: Ernest F. Hollings in the Civil Rights Era

H-Sci-Med-Tech: Ute Frietsch reviews Bridging Traditions: Alchemy, Chemistry, and Paracelsian Practices in the Early Modern Era

H-Sci-Med-Tech: Leslie Tomory reviews Designing Gotham: West Point Engineers and the Rise of Modern New York, 1817-1898

H-Italy: Corey Tazzara reviews Nourrir la ville : Ravitaillement, marchés et métiers de l'alimentation à Venise dans les derniers siècles du Moyen Age

H-LatAm: Gregory Swedberg reviews Sons of the Mexican Revolution: Miguel Alemán and His Generation

H-AmIndian: Kevin Kokomoor reviews Who Belongs?: Race, Resources, and Tribal Citizenship in the Native South

*Correction: An unpublished network publication from H-Amstdy was included in this week's roundup by mistake. Please look for that publication on H-Amstdy in the future. We regret the error.

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-Amstdy's feature on American Childhoods

Top Discussion: H-Amstdy discusses children in the age of Trump

Top Review: L. Benjamin Rolsky's 2017 review of Antifundamentalism in Modern America for H-AmRel

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